Theory U or: Stop downloading and start leaning into the future

Those of you who have been following the blog know, that I am on a quest. A quest of what is coming next. By next week this time, I will have walked this Earth for half a century, and still, I don’t know why the heck I am here.
A feeling that has been following me for about five years. Basically, since I have been walking the Camino for the first time.
While living in London and working there, I came across a few theories about how organisations work best, Holocrocy, Reinventing Organisations, and Theory U. Somehow Theory U made a lot of sense to me. At the time, I did not realise why, but I followed the breadcrumbs whenever I had the time for it.
Then, one day, I was talking to one of my colleagues about how organisations have to change and that we have to stop repeating the old mistakes over and over again. Especially at a school that used to be at the frontline of education.
I mentioned Theory U and Otto Scharmer she smiled at me. “I know him”, she said. “I supported him in his learning after his home burnt down.”


Circles are closing, consistently, and at times I am a tiny bit afraid of that.
When I saw, that the introduction to Theory U was actually around Berlin once a year I put it on my list and forgot about it.
Working at a self-governed school takes its toll, and I went into a protective state of hibernation, nevertheless sensing, that I need a change. Just not knowing what kind of. It has been part of my conversations with many different people, and at some stage, I remembered and signed up for the course. Just like that.
Now I am in the midst of the workshop and have written down more questions than answers and feel happy about it.

Question No. 1
Where am I coming from?
This is not the question where was I born and raised. This is the question about my inner state of mind and what are my values. It is the reminder that our actions are depending on our interior condition, and I am not talking about such trivial things as “Did I sleep well?”

Question No. 2
How can I incorporate presencing in my work as a teacher?
Presencing is the act of actively listening and sensing in the moment of what is to come.

Question No. 3
How can I stay in connection with myself (something that I have hugely neglected these past months) and with others?

Question No. 4
How can I teach my students in such a way, that they are becoming able not to lead in the future but to lead from the emerging future?

Question No.5
Where do I belong? Meaning: Where am I needed?

I have no clue to what the answer might be and I am not yet sure whether I should be excited or frightened. I know for sure though, that it is going to be a bumpy road and will not be easy. And I will need all the help of my friends and strangers as well as my adversaries to find my way.

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